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Optimally Navigating the “Next Normal” for
Oncology Clinical Trials

Sept 22, 2021


Despite the many adaptations that have emerged over the course of 2020 and into 2021 to ensure that oncology clinical trials are not disrupted, the number one challenge remains. Adequate site selection is astonishingly difficult to pull off. Recent global events have created opportunities to reconfigure and transform how we do things. In doing this it’s become very clear there is more than one way of doing things. And, there are a number of ‘next normal’ business considerations to be addressed as we move forward into a post-COVID era.

Julie shares strategies for how to leverage lessons learned in 2020 and put these into action to maximize clinical development progress in 2021-22.

Specific topics to be discussed include:

  • Optimal strategies to enhance your best opportunities of success in oncology clinical trials;
  • Lessons learned to optimize clinical trial operations for small and mid-size US oncology Biotechs: what to expect going forward;
  • Cutting-edge small & mid-size oncology biotech trials: where to run them and which aspects may be different as we enter the ‘next normal’;
  • Decision factors to consider in your choice of region(s) in 2021-2022, including speed of start-up, participant diversity and regional participation rates.

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