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Risk Mitigation for Oncology Clinical Trials

May 18, 2021


Since early 2020, the oncology clinical trials industry made rapid changes in order to ensure mission critical operations continued to protect participant rights, privacy, safety and data integrity. Particularly at clinical sites, research teams have had to restructure their team and operations according to institutional directives to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while continuing to offer trial options to patients, with some regions more deeply affected than others.

Register for this webinar to explore critical clinical trial operations mitigating tactics & strategies for prevention, recovery and resiliency in 2021-2022, and learn more about:

  • Key risk areas of greatest concern in oncology clinical trials;
  • Strategies that were used to mitigate threats in 2020 for small & mid-size U.S. oncology biotechs to mitigate threats in 2020: what worked and what didn’t;
  • Complex Cutting-edge small & mid-size oncology biotech trials: where to run them and which aspects may be different moving forward;
  • What decision factors are expected to most influence your choice of region(s) in 2021-2022: such as speed of start-up, participant diversity, regional participation rates.

Connect with Scimega to learn how to optimize your oncology clinical trials in Canada.

Call Julie Martin today at (514) 815-7066 or fill out the form on the right to schedule a Discovery Meeting during the event to discuss your expansion plans.

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