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The Role of Patient Input for Oncology Drug Review

The patient advocacy community and the oncology care community share a mutual interest in improving patient outcomes. That is why the commitment to working collaboratively to streamline the clinical operations process, is so important. The patient advocacy community, the oncology care community, and Scimega Research want to accelerate patient access and see more cutting-edge clinical trials come to Canada.

The Reverse Feasibility Program is one example of a collaborative approach to oncology trials by providing that tool to support patient access and to promote recruitment. It’s encouraging to see U.S. biotechs collaborating with Canadian investigative sites that are focused on expediting the start-up process and recruiting patients for innovative trials in Canada.

Clinical trials are vital to making advancements in how we treat cancer. But many patients and their doctors are hesitant about participating in research studies. Patients need accurate information to make these shared decisions with their medical oncologists.

As a niche Oncology CRO we bridge important relationships between members of the professional oncology community, their patients, and sponsors of cutting-edge clinical trials.


Continuously making a difference in the area of cancer research is something the team at Scimega dedicates itself to every day.

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