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Leverage Canada to Bolster Recruitment

Access to our network of highly experienced and motivated oncologists through the Reverse Feasibility Program means you can expect an immediate, accurate assessment of your protocol. Knowing what to expect allows you to make better drug development decisions.

Contract & Budget Negotiation

Scimega’s model CTA is designed specifically to complement other novel initiatives that further support our accelerated start-up process for your oncology clinical trials Phase 1,2  & Phase 3. While our Clinical Trial Leader proactively manages the critical steps to expedite First Site Open & First Patient In, our Contract Manager liaises closely with the cancer centres’ contract teams. 

Our goal is to conclude prompt and successful negotiations so that we can achieve the targeted objective for First Patient In.

We achieve this by:

  • Leveraging our privileged relationships with site contract managers & legal counsel
  • Using pre-negotiated CTA templates with many of our sites
  • Accessing our extensive library of recent, successfully negotiated contracts and site budgets

How you benefit:

  • Historic CTA negotiation performance metrics are used to target First Site Open
  • Reduced legal fees and contract management effort
  • Efficient time management

NOTE: Scimega possesses a standard portfolio of CTA templates that our sites are familiar with and have internally vetted, resulting in a significantly truncated review process.

“ Scimega’s depth of oncology experience is impressive but I have been most impressed by their network of sites and the rapport they maintain with them, which have been very helpful in meeting our aggressive enrolment timelines.

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