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Introducing the Scimega Oncology Blog!

Welcome to Scimega’s Blog – Covering the issues affecting Oncology clinical research.

Working at Scimega Research affords the opportunity to work with some amazing people from across North America in the field of Oncology Clinical Operations. Our experts in oncology include Clinical Research Associates, whose job it is to maintain data quality and ensure patient safety for pivotal Oncology trials. All Scimega team members work closely with both Sponsors and Investigative team members to develop study specific guidelines, identify and recruit the best Investigators, and coordinate site contract negotiations to achieve project milestones.

Since its inception Scimega’s mission is to attract cutting-edge oncology compounds and clinical trials to Canada through a collaborative approach that looks to connect U.S. biotech and pharmaceutical sponsors with top Canadian Investigators. The ultimate goal has always been to improve site selection and study start-up times while meeting the needs of Canadian cancer patients.

When Scimega was founded in 1997, we were pioneers, and most sponsors didn’t yet understand the importance of our unique business model. Since then many have come to value the role that a niche, oncology-focused CRO can play in building and maintaining relationships between sponsors, oncologists and their patients.

Over the past few years the Scimega team have been focused on informing and educating oncology clinical operations professionals in both Canada and the United States, about the trends and innovative approaches that are transforming the way oncology clinical trials are being conducted. Over the past 14 years we’ve published several articles, hosted practical “Optimizing Oncology Clinical Trial” workshops & webcasts, and have been invited to speak at oncology conferences on a variety of topics ranging from best-practice outsourcing strategies to the impact personalized medicine is having on clinical operations and how to overcome some of the challenges it presents.

So what will this blog cover, you wonder? Well… areas of interest include the role Canada is playing in advancing clinical trial outcomes, how well industry Sponsors, investigative research sites, and our government regulatory agencies are collaborating to create opportunities for development and innovation, as well as a variety of other topics that will change and evolve over time.

We should strive to have some fun in this space. We’ll post some videos, and will dabble in podcasting with interviews of several industry experts and thought leaders. And, of course, you can also connect with Scimega on Linkedin.

how well industry sponsors, investigative research sites, and our government regulatory agencies are collaborating to create opportunities for development and innovation
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