Our Mission

We are a Canadian oncology CRO with a singular focus on oncology. We play a vital role in improving the speed and efficiency of oncology clinical research through a deep understanding of the needs of sponsors, investigators and patients.

Our mission is to improve site selection and patient recruitment, and speed up clinical trials by attracting cutting-edge oncology compounds and clinical trials to Canada. The Reverse Feasibility Program is designed to connect small and mid-sized biopharma companies with a network of highly motivated investigators and their patients.

We believe that the rise of targeted therapies and personalized medicine should not increase operational complexity or compromise the efficiency of clinical trials.

Our Story

Scimega was founded to meet the industry’s need for superior clinical trial services in the complex field of oncology research. In 1997, we were trail blazers, and most sponsors didn’t understand the importance of our unique business model. Since then many have come to value our expertise.

In 2008, we introduced the Reverse Feasibility Program – a collaborative approach that connects biotech sponsors with investigators to meet the needs of cancer patients, and the scientific interests of investigators while allowing sponsors to meet their timelines and make quicker go/no-go drug development decisions.

With 20 years of dedicated oncology experience under our belts, our service offering is now finely tuned at a time when our clients need us most.

Our Leadership

We are passionate advocates of the clinical oncology research community and take great pride in our team’s ongoing success in helping sponsors enhance the speed, accuracy and overall performance of their early phase oncology clinical trials.

We are also proud of the vital role we play in helping to build and maintain strong relationships between sponsors and investigative sites, in pursuit of cutting-edge clinical research that serves to enhance the quality of life of people living with cancer.

Denise Deakin
President & Co-Founder

Andree Marceau
General Manager & Co-Founder

Nathan Currier, PhD
Director, Oncology Strategy & Alliances

Julie Martin, MSc, MBA
Director, Clinical Operations

Catherine Ménard, MSc
Director, Quality and Human Resources

Geneviève Piché
Director, Finance