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What Our Sponsors Say About the Results We Help Them Achieve …

Based on the metrics, we’re very impressed with where Canada stands in comparison to other regions, including the U.S. Hopefully we can learn from your ways to help get all our Sites worldwide in good shape!

Scimega guarantees Sponsors the quickest site start-up and the highest patient recruitment rate, without sacrificing premium quality data.

  • Site identification and qualification of the right Canadian sites for your trial is done within just a few weeks thanks to our extensive network of Canadian Investigators.
  • We activate these sites 50% faster than the industry average.
  • Our Canadian sites frequently emerge among top enrollers in our sponsors’ global oncology studies.

Key Performance Metrics

The caliber of combined skill and service you can trust the Scimega team of oncology experts to consistently deliver is reflected in our metrics, such as 85% SDV reviewed at any given time across our trial, and our impressive site identification and activation timelines. Ask us about our track record for an oncology trial comparable to yours!

How Scimega Compares Where it Counts Most

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Scimega Sites Accrual Rate
Other Regions Accrual Rate

Our unwavering strategic focus is to leverage our longstanding site relationships to secure exceptional levels of site engagement, leading to higher site and enrollment performance. This constant high performance is the cornerstone of our oncology trial success in Canada.

The majority of our work force have themselves been study coordinators with Canadian research centers, many of whom have worked along-side the Scimega team. And many of whom have participated in lessons learned & bring those valuable lessons at site level with them to Scimega. This results in a remarkably cohesive team with an in-depth understanding of what it takes to succeed, including applied knowledge of local policies, requirements, and particularities.

In our quest to promote Canada as a fertile region in which to conduct oncology trials, we must help guide our sponsors in making fact based or evidence-based decisions. This comes in the form of robust metrics compiled over a long period of time…in other words, reliable.

Phase 3 Real World Case Examples


Please use the form below to contact us for more details about our Phase 3 expertise …

Proven Canadian Oncology Expertise for Your Phase 3 Study

Skill in navigating institutional and central/provincial regulatory pathways are critical when determining which sites are best suited to act as provincial or central applicant, a factor with considerable impact on activation timelines.

Site Contracts, Budgets Database & Metrics designed to expedite review and support our site payment process, archives information on the numerous agreements we have negotiated in the most recent 18-month period with valuable insights into sites’ typical areas of pushback and acceptable alternate language. Allows us to anticipate which sites are likely to push back and those inclined to expedite review. Key in trying to identify which site might be activated first.

Our template CTA is the product of over two decades of contract negotiations. Considered a key element to expediting the start-up process & maintaining site responsive throughout the course of a trial.

Vendor compatibility is guaranteed because we can’t live without it. 100% of Scimega’s business is focused on providing services for Canada in the context of international trials. Trials that involve at least one other CRO. As a result, our team has in-depth experience with multiple study teams, a wide-range of third-party study systems, tools and internal SOPs and processes, and our own SOPs are designed to optimize the synergy within a multi-vendor model.

We actively host and participate in joint governance committees particularly with Sponsors for whom we oversee more than one oncology trial.  These committees track and assess higher-level risks to the trial and the Sponsor’s goals. They are governed by our MSA or a Governance Charter which is an operational document outlining the goals of the committee, its members, and the frequency of meetings. Frequency depends on the activity level of each individual study, and everyone’s level of comfort surrounding the associated study risks, and take place every 6 weeks to quarterly.

Permanent full-time, experienced oncology clinical trial professionals comprise Scimega’s entire study team. On average our CRAs possess 5 years of oncology experience and 6.5 years of clinical research experience. We do not hire consultants. Our employee turnover rate is lower than the industry which guarantees optimal continuity on projects we undertake.

Do You Believe the Myths
About Conducting Clinical Trials in Canada?


Time to Put These Myths to the Test

Contact us to discuss the facts of a Canadian geographic expansion, risk mitigation and how to enhance your overall oncology trial performance.

Ask us how our vast repertoire of lessons learned could help make your study a success in Canada and/or find creative solutions to your unique challenges!

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