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The Reverse Feasibility Champion program celebrates the achievements of leading oncology investigative professionals who have devoted their time, talent and resources to promoting Canada’s oncology clinical research capabilities in an effort to improve care for the many patients and families affected by cancer.

Reverse Feasibility Champions are selected by Scimega’s team of oncology clinical research professionals for their remarkable achievements in oncology research and clinical practice. We are proud to have the opportunity to recognize investigators who, through their dedicated contributions, propel oncology clinical research forward and play a pivotal role in advancing novel oncology compounds in Canada.

Through their contributions, these Reverse Feasibility Champions continue to place Canada on the map for the conduct of sophisticated early phase cancer trials that bring hope, survivorship and ultimately a cure to their patients.

Our Champions

Dr. Quincy Chu (2013)
Thoracic Malignancies & Sarcoma

Dr. Stephen Welch (2014)
Colorectal & Gyneoncology

Dr. Cristiano Ferrario (2015)
Breast Cancer

Dr. Lucy Gilbert (2016)
Oncology; Obstetrics & Gynecology


Dr. Bryan Donnelly (2017)
Prostate Cancer


Louise Thompson (2017)
Deputy Clinical Director

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